Board of Directors


alfia Ilicheva
co-founder  I  BOARD DIRECTOR

Alfia is Co-Founder and Board Director at WIN. Alfia oversees the ambassador committee, conducts academic outreach and oversees the vision and growth for the membership programming. Alfia is deeply passionate about gender diversity and inclusion in the workforce and is committed to celebrating the unique and lasting contributions of female innovators across different industries.


Maria Potoroczyn
co-founder  I  BOARD DIRECTOR

Maria is Co-Founder and Board Director at WIN. Maria is focused on growing our community beyond New York and London (San Francisco – we're coming for you!), creating new ways for engaging corporate innovation teams, and scaling WIN's impact. Maria is passionate about growing the next generation of unapologetic women – at WIN, at work, and at home where her 1 year old daughter is already the CEO of the household.


lauren wood
BOARD director

Lauren is Board Director at WIN. Lauren works with the Board to directly influence the strategic vision and growth strategy for the organization, with a focus on establishing our membership program. She is committed to advancing women in the workplace by bringing voices from outside to cultivate greater diversity in solving the problem of gender inequality.



Global Leadership


kit krugman

Kit is President & Chair of the Board at WIN. Kit leads the Board in deepening the impact that WIN can have on the world. She focuses on strategic vision and growth and the organizational operations of the WIN team. Kit is deeply committed to supporting policies, organizations, and individuals who champion women and advance them to positions of leadership.

sascha Donn
Global TREASURER / Programming

Sascha makes sure we have a solid financial foundation to grow our community and impact, and navigate the complexities of running WIN as a registered 501c3 nonprofit. Sascha is passionate about advocating for and encouraging the women around her to be their truest and most impactful selves.


Pamela Duncan
GLOBAL secretary 

As WIN’s Global Secretary, Pamela coordinates our Board meetings, communicates with internal and external parties (if you're emailing WIN, she is probably on the other end), and generally keeps things running smoothly. She is passionate about helping women find their inner fire and use it to empower themselves and others.

katie burwick
Global Marketing Lead 

Katie is the Global Marketing Lead at WIN. Katie drives all of WIN's marketing efforts and has overseen the growth of the WIN community from 25 to over 2,500 members since the very beginning. Katie's mission is to amplify the voices of women in innovation — she believes the most powerful solutions to our pressing global challenges are diverse in perspective.



Lauren is the Fundraising Strategy Lead for WIN. She focuses primarily on building and executing fundraising plans, defining fundraising goals, and ensuring that WIN is constantly moving forward in the right direction to achieve them. Lauren is passionate about social impact, and how innovation can be a driving force for a more inclusive and equitable world.



Lauren is WIN’s Global Partnerships Lead. She’s focused on defining WIN’s approach to partnerships and building mutually beneficial relationships with brands who share WIN’s mission. Lauren is passionate about championing the vibrant and diverse perspectives of women within the innovation community.


New York Leadership Team


Katie Oberwager

In this role, Katie develops programming in partnership with WIN ambassadors and partners that meets the WIN vision and the unique needs of the founding NYC chapter. Katie is passionate about building sustainability and social impact into products and services that are shaping our future.


May Shek
Community LEAD

In this role, May is the connector of the WIN community in NYC and globally. She manages and grows the WIN NYC community through engaging Ambassadors in NYC, connecting members within the community and stewarding the mentorship program.


London Leadership Team



Justine is Programming Co-Lead at WIN London. Justine serves as a crucial bridge between WIN NY, where she served as an Ambassador for August Public, and WIN London. She helps to design impactful programming that captures the core WIN vision but also meets the unique needs of the London WIN community. She is deeply committed to addressing systematic inequality by creating spaces for women of all backgrounds to come together in service of a more equitable society.



Anna is Operations Lead at WIN London. Anna is the heart and soul of London operations, driving the production of events and acting as the point person for our rapidly growing community. As part of her role, Anna also supports the design of WIN London programming. Anna believes in the unique powers of women and femininity. Her mission is to help women rise to the positions where these powers can both change the world and be admired.



Meredith is Programming Co-Lead at WIN London. Meredith joins Justine in building inspiring, relevant and actionable programming for WIN London and its growing membership. As part of the London Leadership Team, Meredith supports community growth and operations. She is passionate about making workplaces fit for the future, and committed to bringing diverse and emerging voices to the table to create more balanced and sustainable innovation practices.



In this role, Malina helps grow the WIN London community by cultivating personal connections with new members, amplifying marketing efforts, and building partnerships with like-minded intersectional groups locally.


Sesh Vedachalam

Sesh is committed to growing and engaging the WIN London community and serving as a liaison to WIN London Ambassadors. As part of the Leadership team, Sesh supports Justine, Meredith, and Anna in planning and running WIN events that bring lasting value to the community.


San Francisco Leadership Team


Atika Sanchetee
Programming Lead

In her role, Atika partners with the WIN ambassadors in the San Francisco, Bay Area community to develop that meets the WIN vision and the unique needs of the SF chapter. Atika believes in authenticity and the power of a community: by creating spaces where women can be themselves, bring their voice to the conversation, we can collectively challenge status-quo and systemic inequality.


Rita Fernandez
Community Lead

In her role, Rita engages with the San Francisco innovation community to identitfy and engage Ambassadors and Members for WIN's newest chapter. As a member of the SF Leadership Team, she works closely with Programming and Marketing to ensure WIN SF events resonate with the community.


Lizzie Azzolino

Lizzie is the tactical and emotional momentum behind WIN SF. She serves as the point of contact for WIN Global, ensures there's clarity and alignment among the WIN SF Leadership Team and identifies and proactively fills gaps to ensure WIN SF is the best it can be. She is dedicated to supporting organizations and individuals that empower women to be and bring their best and whole selves to the workplace and beyond.


Alexandra Lee
Marketing Lead

Alexandra is responsible for developing and delivering the story of WIN in a way that is uniquely relevant to the Bay Area. Spanning all types of WIN SF content, she works to ensure that the WIN brand is thriving online and at events.





Abby owns design at WIN. She designed the WIN brand in our early days, and continues to be involved in evolving it. Outside of WIN, Abby enjoys working with passionate entrepreneurs to help get their ideas out into the world through strategic design work that is smart and honest. Abby has been featured in Wallpaper*, The Dieline, and the Grain Edit. 



Carolina is part of London’s team as a Fellow. She works as a liaison between programming, operations, and marketing at WIN London. She is driven to engage and strength the links within our community. As a Master in Innovation Management student at Central Saint Martins, she believes in the power of cooperation and the role each woman plays on inspiring and supporting each other.

Tina Haertel Headshot.jpeg

TINA Haertel

Tina is committed to expanding the reach of WIN’s impact across women in innovation. Working closely with the team to measure WIN’s impact, she enjoys turning people’s feedback into tangible areas of progress. As a junior at Columbia University after spending two years at Sciences Po, she is passionate about using innovative solutions to enact international social change.  


Advisory Council


We are currently looking to build an Advisory Council made up of inspiring individuals who will help take WIN to the next level. If you are interested in joining us or know someone who feels relevant to this mission – get in touch with our co-founder Maria Potoroczyn