World's first professional community for women in innovation.

our mission

We exist to advance women as change-makers and leading voices in innovation.

We create momentum for women in innovation through action-oriented programming, tangible tools and resources, and the support of a generous community.


We are a community of women who are active innovation practitioners.


WIN is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings together a community of 1,500+ members in New York, San Francisco, and London, representing women (and anyone identifying as a woman) at:

  • Leading innovation and design firms

  • Large corporate entities championing innovation with dedicated teams

  • Freelance work at the intersection of research, strategy, and design

  • Start-ups that aspire to disrupt an industry

Our programming is offered to members on a monthly basis. Each event focuses on a topic related to innovation, leadership, or professional growth and explores it through a blend of interactive and introspective activities in a hands-on workshop format. Our intention is to create space for women to grow and learn.

Our events are curated and produced in partnership with leading innovation consultancies, brands at the cutting-edge of their industries, and academic institutions to deliver a profound, transformational experience to our members.


“Every time I’ve attended a WIN gathering, I’ve left inspired. Every time, I’ve met a new person. Every time, I felt pushed to think more strategically about my professional trajectory.”

WIN started in response to a leadership gap in the innovation field.

Like so many other industries, there’s no shortage of talented, driven women in entry through middle management levels, but this funnel rarely translates into a strong female leadership presence at most organizations.

Women are underrepresented in key debates about innovation: there are still not enough female authors among world’s most-read business and innovation books; we are still waiting for more diverse representation at global innovation conferences; women are still largely absent from academia and academic writing on the topic of innovation; and female founders famously receive almost no venture capital dollars (2% in 2017). 



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