Innovation Resources: Spring 2019 Edition

In the spirit of learning and getting better together, we’ve collected some of our community’s favorite innovation resources — great books, PDFs, articles, websites, pamphlets, podcasts, videos, etc. — that have helped them improve their work in innovation / strategy / design / tech / brand. We’ll continue to do this every few months, so if you have resources to add, drop us a line at — we want to hear from you!

Enjoy the first edition.



Innovation & Design Thinking Toolkit | found on Reddit by Maria Potoroczyn, Strategy and Innovation at Citi & Team WIN

Board of Innovation | submitted by Amy Thompson, Digital Innovation Manager at Nestle

Strategyzer | submitted by Justine Lai, Director of Data & Analytics at C Space & Team WIN

101 Design Methods | submitted by Justine Lai

Sprint Stories | submitted by Maria Potoroczyn

Platform Design Toolkit | submitted by Esme González Pillado, Innovation Consultant

“Great resources for running effective sprints from the source (creators of the OG methodology from GV, also authors of the The Sprint Book).”

Strategy and Planning Scrapbook | submitted by Katie Burwick, Innovation Strategist at Anomaly & Team WIN

Toolbox Toolbox | submitted by Kit Krugman, Chief Curator at co:collective & Team WIN

General Skills

Second Life Podcast | submitted by Lauren Wong, Senior Innovation Associate at Lippincott & Team WIN

“Great podcast showcasing female founders, innovators, and leaders whose careers have taken on multiple tracks.”

10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics | submitted by Rachel Hammerman, Career Coach & Meditation Teacher

“I believe reliable intuition comes from a calm mind. I learned to meditate using this app - meditation is a daily resource for cultivating the resiliency of mind that allows innovators to thrive in their work, and in life!”

Blog post on “How To Be Successful” | submitted by Maria Potoroczyn

Wait But Why | submitted by Maria Potoroczyn

The Knowledge Project & Farnam Street, especially this post | submitted by Maria Potoroczyn

“The Knowledge Project and Farnam Street is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to think more about their quality of thinking. It's a gold mine of inspiration for mental models, frameworks, and effective approaches to logical but creative problem solving. One of very few newsletters I read religiously.”

Rad Reads | submitted by Maria Potoroczyn

How I Built This | submitted by Katie Burwick

Service Design Doing | submitted by Justine Lai

The Creative Process

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp | submitted by Mia Scharphie, Principal, Build Yourself Coaching & Training

“When we think of innovation we think of post-it notes and t-square mapping, but underneath that is the creative process--the process of creating something that hasn't existed before. While Twyla Tharp is a choreographer, her book--which covers her creative process--is one of the most in-depth under the hood and tangible explanations of a creative process I've seen and I could easily see applying her mechanisms to any problem.”

Visual, Trend, and General Inspiration

Data Viz Project | submitted by Shaye Roseman, Research Associate at Harvard Business School

“A great resource for visual inspiration. I'll often start here when thinking about storytelling and how to communicate quantitative information.”

Springwise | submitted by Sascha Donn, Strategy Group Director at Sullivan & Team WIN

REDEF Newsletter | submitted by Katie Burwick

Spotify Design | submitted by Katie Burwick

“A great place to get inspired by people thinking about design in new and exciting ways.”

Atlas: data and chart inspiration | submitted by Katie Burwick

Getty’s Lean In Collection: photos of real people | submitted by Katie Burwick

Brainstorming Tools

Groupmap | submitted by Amy Thompson, Digital Innovation Manager at Nestle

“Tired of spending hours trying to document 100s of post-its after a brainstorming session? Use this Simple and effective tool for organizing and facilitating group brainstorming.”


Facilitation Fundamentals & Design Thinking Bootcamp from The Design Gym | submitted by Katie Oberwager, Partners Operations Lead at Bionic & Team WIN

Case Studies to Learn From

EPIC | submitted by Carolyn Hou, Founder of Arlo Labs

Post aggregated by Katie Burwick. Photos by Sesh Vedachalam.

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