Global Programming Lead

Outside of WIN, Sascha is a Group Director of Strategy at Sullivan, a brand engagement firm in New York where she leads projects for inspiring clients across a multitude of industries. 

Prior to Sullivan, Sascha led marketing and innovation teams for Manic Panic and SK Energy Shots - one a 40-year veteran in its industry and the other a year-old start-up trying to scale. Her roles involved launching and developing new products and experiences. Before working client-side, Sascha led engagements for the branding firm Straightline, working with clients including Madison Square Garden, Pfizer, Thomson Reuters, Tyco Electronics, Walgreens, and Xerox.

Sascha is dedicated to helping brands live up to the work they are doing. With a passion for non-profits and organizations that support women, children and families, Sascha uncovers what makes their audiences tick and brings that to life across communications, services and teams. She has spoken at national non-profit conferences as well as the Women in Strategy summit.

In her free time, you can find Sascha tackling one of her many crafts projects, head deep in a book, or planning her next travel adventure. A native New Yorker with roots in The Netherlands, Sascha’s latest hobby is attending NL club events and brushing up on her Dutch.