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Inclusive design has flourished over the past decades, helping to bridge the gap between assumptions and realities about design for women. Yet, today’s era demands that we move beyond this narrow classification of gender, and embrace a richer definition of inclusion.

In partnership with Smart Design, WIN invites you to join a collective of experts who will share how an inclusive design perspective is central to celebrate and address the full spectrum of gender identity in the products and services we craft. Each attendee will get to participate in a mini design challenge to explore how we might develop a new set of design principles for everyday solutions that acknowledge our inherent biases. You will be equipped to spot the biases that exist in design and begin the process of transforming the products, services, and experiences around us.

Each group will be led by an expert in their various fields:

  • Ali Belen – Gender Equity Liaison, Gender Justice Trainer - New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Nathaniel Gray – Founder, The Proud Path & The Pride Alliance
  • Bobby McCullough – Gender & Parenting Activist
  • Matt Storm – Photo-based Artist
  • Robyn Kanner – Co-founder of MyTransHealth

Come armed with an open mind, ready to play an active role in crafting a more gender inclusive future!


A bit about our experts:

Ali Belen

Ali has extensive experience supporting transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people and collaborates with the city’s Commission on Gender Equity to advocate for more inclusive policies.

Nathaniel Gray

Nate is the founder of The Proud Path, an educational resource for families with queer-identified youth, and of The Pride Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to LGBTQ+ homeless youth reunifying with their families.

Bobby McCullough

A parent to a 7 month old baby, Bobby and his partner’s style of parenting is gender creative, which means they affirm their child’s right to be any gender expression that they see fit.

Matt Storm

Matt’s work critically engages with the theme of identity and includes photographs, performances, installations and sculptures which reference to transgender and queer issues, the physical self, family and community.

Robyn Kanner

Robyn Kanner co-founded MyTransHealth, a website designed to help trans people find culturally competent healthcare.

About Smart Design

With a deep heritage in designing for women, and inclusive design, Smart Design has been at the forefront of discussions around gender in its most traditional sense. From reimagining existing categories with the Under Armour bra, to the Whoops Proof campaign helping prevent unplanned pregnancy in teens, Smart’s approach continues to offer techniques for tapping into the diversity and richness of real life to inspire meaningful and impactful design. Since 1980, their goal has been to design a smarter, more inclusive tomorrow. 



Details coming soon – check back in a few weeks!


San Francisco

Details coming soon – check back in a few weeks!


Event Details:

Monday, July 16  
Smart Design
601 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10001
- rsvp first come, first served -


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