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We offer monthly programming in our three home cities of New York, London, and San Francisco. Each event aims to improve innovation expertise, build skills needed to advance one’s career, and provide the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships.


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Join us for an evening on Jobs To Be Done For Innovators, a collaboration from WIN x Harvard Business School.

In this age of big data, businesses know more about their consumers than ever before. Yet the vast majority of product and service innovations still fail, as has been the case for decades. How can it be that amid all this information, innovation is still painfully hit or miss?

Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen believes the problem is that we’re not focused on the insights that really matter. Rather than understand consumers, his theory of Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) argues that we should understand the progress consumers are trying to make. Done right, this approach provides a playbook for product and service development and can predict future successes.

Join us for an interactive JTBD workshop, where you’ll see the theory in action and learn how to apply it in your everyday work. We will be led by Harvard researcher Shaye Roseman who has worked to refine and expand the JBTD theory as a member of Professor Christensen’s team.

- You’ll walk away from the night with an understanding of how JTBD can fit into your research toolkit and add value to your organization.

- You’ll also be equipped to lead JTBD interviews, analyze results, and translate them into product and company strategy.

- You’ll have the opportunity to apply learnings and best practices while getting to know fellow women in innovation.

This event will have a very small pre-work component. (We promise it will be fun and take no more than 5 minutes of your time!).

As always, snacks and drinks will be provided, with wine generously provided by emBRAZEN. Space is limited.

Event Details
Monday, May 20, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Work & Co
231 Front Street, 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY

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Check back soon for June event information!