Lizzie Azzolino
San Francisco Operations Lead

Outside of WIN, Lizzie is an Independent Talent Strategist and Coach. Through her company, Until Now, she brings a design thinking approach to working with innovation leaders to create talent and culture strategies for the modern workplace. Additionally, Lizzie is an executive headhunter with Misfit Talent, which curates modern talent for future-facing brands.

Lizzie's career spans PR, advertising and innovation. After moving from Atlanta to San Francisco, Lizzie was Strategy Director at ARGONAUT, launching brands such as FitBit and Cricket Wireless. Most recently, she spent four years as Senior Strategy Lead at fuseproject, leading innovation strategy in the form of business, product, experience and brand strategy for countless startups and large caps. During her time at fuseproject, Lizzie also led Talent Strategy during a period of significant studio growth. This, in addition to her year-long professional coaching training, propelled her to shift her career focus from business innovation to talent and workplace innovation.

Lizzie is a passionate and empathetic leader. She prides herself in her ability to identify organizational gaps and opportunities and pioneer new roles to move the business forward, whether it's becoming the first account manager at Moxie, the first brand planner (and then director) at Moxie or first talent strategist at fuseproject. Lizzie has found great success diving into the unknown. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment is making the jump from full-time to self employment. Today, she helps others build the confidence and capacity to make big leaps in their work lives and ultimately find ways to blend work and life harmoniously.

Lizzie enjoys an almost daily yoga practice, regular hikes and hanging out in her neighborhood, Hayes Valley. After six years in San Francisco, she still loves being a tourist in her own city. Lizzie's also an adjunct faculty member at New Ventures West, where she supports student coaches on their path to professional coaching certification.