World's first professional community for women in innovation.

Our Ambassadors are the heart and soul of the WIN community


The generosity and partnership of our Ambassadors move us closer to achieving our mission. Our Ambassadors across the world are leaders in the innovation world and active participants in the WIN community.

We crowdsource and co-create our programming with our Ambassadors every year. We aspire to cater to the different and evolving needs of women in our community – from actionable training, to high profile keynotes and insightful panels, to mentorship and intimate dinners. Our Ambassadors and the companies they represent support us in organizing events – crafting content, sharing their expertise and networks, and inviting our community into their spaces. 


New York Ambassadors


Natasha Jakubowski

Managing Partner, Innovation Director

Alex Coym

Director of Design Systems

Jessie Punia

Change Lead

Naomi Goldin

Senior Strategic Designer

Elsie Iwase

Lead Strategist

Aya Jaffar

Senior Communications Designer


Jenny Wu

Engagement Manager

Alessandra Valenti

Associate Strategy Director

Melanie Kahl

Scaled Partnership Lead

Michelle Tulac

Design Researcher

Janna Gilbert

Head of Client Services

Esther Kent

Senior Strategist


Stefanie Hoffman

Associate Director

Molka Fendri

Associate Strategy Director

Cecilia Magnusson

Senior Strategist

Agathe Blanchon-Ehrsam

Global CMO

Lauren Furgason

Lead Inventor

Lindsay Liu

Group Director, Marketing


London Ambassadors

Meera Pathak_Canvas8_Head of Product Development.jpg

Meera Pathak
Head of Product Development

Martta_Oliveira_Engine Service.jpg

Martta Oliveira
Senior Service Designer

Malin Maki_Fjord_Design _ Innovation Senior Principal at Fjord Evolution.jpg

Malin Maki
Senior Principal

Jenn Torry_Fluxx Ambassador.jpg

Jenn Torry
Creative Strategist

Lisa Cousins_Huge_Business Strategy Lead.jpg

Lisa Cousins
Business Strategy Lead


Eva Guerra
Head of Design Strategy


Saskia Hawkins
Senior Marketing Manager

Louise Astley_Smart Design.jpg

Louise Astley
Managing Director


Caitlin Cockerton

Chiara Gatti Farfetch.jpg

Chiara Gatti
Commercial Strategy Manager

Miranda Drummond Lloyds Group Transformation.jpg

Miranda Drummond
Senior Innovation Manager


Michelle Capocefalo
Client Partner



Kate Judson_Adobe.jpg

Kate Judson
Program Manager


Yuan Wang
Product Designer

Monisha Lewis_BBDO.jpg

Monisha Lewis
VP, Director of Communications Planning


Alexis Turim
Product Designer

Lydia Kim_ELQ.jpg

Lydia Kim
Strategy Director, Principal

Nikki Horn_Enlisted Design.jpg

Nikki Horn
Marketing Director

Lizzie Lauman_fuse project.jpg

Lizzie Lauman
Senior Strategist


Josie Luu
Program Manager


Em Havens
Community Designer

Nicole Bacchus_Instagram.jpg

Nicole Bacchus
Research Manager

Becca Hellerman_LinkedIn.jpg

Becca Hellerman
Brand Manager

Amy Thompson_Nestle.jpg

Amy Thompson
Innovation Manager

Lizzie Lauman_fuse project.jpg

Laura Hyde-Page
Director of Innovation

Christine Kelly_Singularity University.jpg

Christine Kelly
Senior Director, Design & Innovation Lab


Corley Bell

Emma Cooper-Mullin_21.jpg

Emma Cooper-Mullin
Associate Partner


Interested in becoming an Ambassador?


You'll be asked to: 

  • As a host: organize and host one WIN event every 12-18 months

  • As a connector: come to at least four events other than the ones you moderate or organize, and play a role in welcoming and connecting WIN members at the event

  • As an advocate: advocate for WIN and promote WIN events in your organization

  • As a mentor: participate in WIN’s mentorship program as a peer or mentor

  • As a facilitator: help WIN facilitate events at least 1-2 times a year


in exchange, You'll receive:

  • Access: free, guaranteed admission to all WIN events

  • Network: access to an unparalleled network of women innovators

  • Talent development: access to innovation content and training materials

  • Leadership: opportunity to represent your firm

  • Exposure: we feature ambassadors on our website (here!), may feature them in WIN Spotlight, and give ambassadors the opportunity to contribute to WIN’s content platforms and invite them to share their contribution on LinkedIn

  • Mentorship: new mentor/mentee relationships